There are several advantages to having a lighter vehicle.  The main one is the fuel efficiency which increases the lighter a vehicle is as it takes less gas to power the vehicle.  Another advantage is steering and handling and then there’s overall size.  Cadillac has made a mission of bringing their new ATS sports sedan in direct rivalry with the BMW 3 Series, and went above and beyond when they made it lighter, and therefore, more desirable.

At a curb weight of 3,400 pounds, Cadillac used some great innovative tricks and lightweight materials to get this low.  ATS benefits from cast iron in the rear differential instead of aluminum, specially engineered straight steel links in rear suspension with lightening holes instead of using aluminum, and an acoustically laminated windshield and side windows that are lighter than standard tempered glass.  The best part is, they didn’t have to sacrifice any of the comfort or dynamics of the vehicle.

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15 May 2012

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