Cadillac has adopted a new way of identifying their sedans – small, medium and large.  Or, in their case – ATS, CTS and XTS.  The XTS is Cadillac’s new large sedan.  The XTS will be taking on other luxury vehicles of Audi, BMW and Mercedes, and is packed with all the goodies to do so.  The XTS is also meant as a step up for some GM owners who are loyal to the brand and are ready for extreme luxury and comfort.

The new Cadillac has a bigger engine than its competition with a 3.6 liter 6 cylinder producing 304HP.  The amount of safety features may also be a draw for some, with the XTS’s Lane Departure Warning among many others.   The new Cadillac User Experience, or CUE, is a high-tech graphic infotainment center placed on the dashboard and includes navigation, apps, access to music and can activate safety devices using touch screen icons, steering wheel controls or voice commands.

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27 May 2012

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