The Cadillac Racing team took a break during the hard times of the automotive industry around 2009.  They made an excellent comeback in 2011 with just nine months preparation.  During their debut race in the SCCA World Challenge, in which the racing cars are required to resemble the production version of the vehicle, Cadillac was able to race a Cadillac V that shared 80% of the same parts to the production version.

James, Vurpillat, the global marketing manager for Cadillac, told media that Cadillac is looking into expanding its race involvement to other parts of the world.  They prefer to race in series that require the vehicle to be similar to production vehicles because it shows spectators that the performance on the track will be like the performance on the road.

“As we go on to expand the brand, the cornerstone of Cadillac will be performance…so as we go into those markets we will look for avenues to show that performance and show those credentials,” Vurpillat said.

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9 Jun 2012

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