Cadillac is kicking off their 2013 ATS model campaign during this year’s opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics.  This campaign consists of commercials that show 30 and 60 second edited clips of the documentary films ‘Cadillac ATS vs. the World’.  The ads are meant to showcase the new ATS’ superb driveability; from power and speed to handling and suspension.

These films follow a professional driver and Cadillac spokesperson as they take on driving challenges around the world; from the winding streets of Monaco to China’s Guoliang Tunnels.  The driver, Derek Hill, is a championship-winning racer and the son of another famous race car car driver, Phill Hill.

“ATS was developed to take on the world’s best sport sedans. So we designed a world challenge for ATS to dramatically demonstrate its all-new purpose-built chassis and advanced technology in a global, cinematic adventure,” Don Butler, Cadillac’s marketing manager, told media.

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24 Jul 2012

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