If you’ve been driving around in a car that is more than three years old and are looking to buy a new one, the technology and convenience features packed into cars like the new XTS will completely astound you.  The 2013 Cadillac XTS features, among many other things, a new LCD instrument cluster with the CUE infotainment interface which allows for 3D map navigation, smartphone connectivity, internet access and four USB ports.  This means you can run Pandora in your vehicle or any MP3 player through the car speakers.

The basic engine for the XTS is a 3.6-liter V6 providing 304 horsepower and has an EPA rating of 28 MPG on the highway.  The car itself fits five adults in comfortable luxury with plenty of cargo room for storage.

The XTS exterior design makes it easy to see the sophistication and sportiness of the vehicle with just a glance.  With a new suspension and transmission options, this car is seriously fun to drive.

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29 Sep 2012

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