Cadillac recently announced that the company will be relaunching certain vehicles into European markets.   They are moving quickly and determinedly on this head, creating the diesel engines that Europeans prefer and maximizing efficiency in manufacturing and other practices.

Against popular belief, Cadillac will not be redesigning their vehicles to European standards.  Cadillac has reaffirmed that their models will remain with the American style, inside and out.  The head of design for GM told media that he preferred Cadillac to proudly show their American roots.  Though the designer does plan to improve the creative process at Cadillac, the U.S.-based designs will stay the same.

The push into the European markets is all part of Cadillac’s goal to be a very real presence around the world.  Though the company understands that this will take several years and tons of resources, they aren’t daunted by the task.  Cadillac is playing the long game.

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5 Oct 2012

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