Professional auto reviewers agree that the new Cadillac ATS is a top contender in the luxury division.  Compared to the 3-Series from BMW and found to be just as good, if not better in some opinions, it has all the luxury and sophistication you can ask for, and for much less than you would think to pay.  The Cadillac brand is the perfect way to enter into the luxury world and the ATS is the perfect car to get you there.

The ATS has been compliments on its exterior styling and turbocharged engine options.  The choice of rear-wheel-drive and AWD is an added bonus.



One reviewer from had this to say of the ATS he had the pleasure of trying out, “It’s alternately crisp and smooth, with big and bold details where they count…we like the aluminum trim and the earth tones, but in an extroverted moment or two, we’d confess to liking the red leather and carbon-fiber treatment in our video road test car, too.”

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21 Oct 2012

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