When driving a luxury car, there are many aspects that add to the quality of the drive.  A luxury car is built to not only be comfortable and sophisticated, but to have high-tech and convenience features the driver did not even know they couldn’t live without.  From the seating to the dash; from the tires to the engine.  All aspects should be at the highest current technology allows.

The new Cadillac ATS has an enhanced system called Active Nose Cancellation which uses three Bose microphones inside the vehicle that can monitor and even adjust interior sounds.  This helps to create the optimal driving experience for any driver.  Between the underside of the ATS’ roof and the interior lining, sound-canceling material has also been installed, which softens outsides noises, like rain hitting the roof of the vehicle.

Even the glass on the ATS is acoustically laminated with sound-absorbing laminate and sound-absorbing foam is injected into the rocker sections to lower road surface noise.

For more information about the ATS, or to take a look at any Cadillac vehicle, contact Larson Cadillac Saab.

6 Nov 2012

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