The brand-new 2013 Cadillac ATS is a rear-wheel-drive luxury sedan that was perfected on the famous Nürburgring track.  This track features hills, corners, bumps and straightaways, all designed to test every aspect of a vehicle and measure its performance.  The ATS is sporty, light, luxurious and is available in four versions: Standard, Luxury, Performance and Premium.  These range from a 4-cylinder with 272 horsepower to a V6 with 321 horsepower.

Cadillac has been very successful in rebuilding their image while creating vehicles that are attractive to younger buyers and feature enhanced performance.  Reviewers across the board are impressed with the new vehicles Cadillac is offering.

In one review from, the reviewer states, “The touches of chrome, wood veneer and carbon fiber look almost Bentley-good and the leather trim could be hand-stitched. And then there’s CUE, Cadillac’s unique “comprehensive in-vehicle user experience,” which puts the infotainment controls on a brilliant iPad-like screen.”

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24 Nov 2012

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