We just spent the better part of a week in the 2013 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon, a car that, despite being a station wagon, is hugely powerful and a tremendous amount of fun to drive.

With a $74,550 base price, the CTS-V is equipped with all the standard luxury amenities, but it also comes with a feature we have not spotted anywhere else.

The V can measure speed, RPMs, miles per gallon, and yes, just how much gravity you’re feeling when you whip around a tight turn or slam on the gas pedal. In a week on the twisting roads around the Berkshires in Massachusetts, we topped out at .44 G forces.

It’s not very useful tool: G forces are the kind of thing astronauts worry about, not drivers. But it’s fun, and drives home Cadillac’s message that this wagon packs a punch.

One request: Give the CTS-V a head-up display, and put the G-Meter up there, instead of on the dashboard, where it’s currently located. When you’re speeding through a hard turn, the temptation to take your eyes off the road to see just how awesome you’re being is a strong one.


Station wagons, once the family car of choice, plummeted in popularity after the 1970s, making the 2013 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon a rare thing. Such a powerful wagon is an even rarer thing, yet fitting a wagon with CTS-V performance gear seems so right.

The CTS is, of course, the model that carried Cadillac through the recession. It proved so popular that the company offered it as a sedan, coupe, and wagon. A convertible was the only type the company did not release. This 2013 model is the CTS’ victory lap, as Cadillac showed off a much-needed update, the 2014 CTS, at the last New York International Auto Show.

The CTS-V is, of course, the high-powered version of the car, also available in sedan, coupe, and wagon form. Boasting 556 horsepower from that supercharged V-8 and an adaptive suspension, the performance is let down somewhat by the six-speed automatic transmission. Fortunately, a six-speed manual is available.

For more information about the CTS-V, or to take a look at any Cadillac vehicle, contact Larson Cadillac Saab.

14 Jul 2013

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