Cadillac has a new coupe and it goes by the name ATS. The entry-level sport luxury sedan Cadillac 2015 ATS Soon Available near Fife has three engine platforms to choose from: a 202-horsepower 2.5-liter four-cylinder, the 272-horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, or the 321-horsepower 3.6-liter V6. The ATS has four trim levels that include base, Luxury, Performance, and Premium. For 2015 Cadillac has given the ATS a lighter chassis that leads to better acceleration and handling and to achieve this engineers had to use advanced materials and techniques to create a chassis that’s not only lightweight, but also exceptionally strong and safe.

2015 Cadillac Available Soon in Tacoma

Upon quick glance, the ATS looks less like a five-passenger sedan and more like a race ready sportscar ready to hit the Nuremberg track—taking a closer look confirms it. The ATS comes equipped with Brembo front brakes that features Cadillac’s patent-pending brake-coating process that give the system incredibly consistent feedback for the driver even under harsh conditions. There is also a Tremec six-speed manual transmission available for those who like to shift up and down the gear range on the 2.0-liter turbocharged rear-wheel drive ATS. The list of almost race-ready components doesn’t stop there as the car also has a limited-slip differential that ensures the highest amount of engine torque is transferred to the wheel with the most traction, and a purpose-tuned drivetrain that has an available all-weather-capable all-wheel drive performance-tuned system for whatever you want to throw at it.

Gone are the days when the word Cadillac was synonymous with Grandma. The Cadillac 2015 ATS Soon Available near Fife is full of high-tech gadgets. For example it has an intuitive interface that has the ability to let the driver use multitouch gestures like tap, swipe, and pinch that’s as easy to use as a smartphone or tablet. It also comes with natural voice recognition if you want to find a song, make a call, or input a destination. The idea behind this system is to allow the driver to focus more on the thrill of the ATS and what it can do on the road versus memorizing complicated commands or sequences. The gadgets keep coming as there is also a 3-D intuitive navigation system and access to your most frequently used apps like Pandora or weather.

For more information on the Cadillac 2015 ATS Soon Available near Fife visit Larson Cadillac at 6411 20th Street E. Fife, WA 98424.

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8 May 2014

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