When one combines the words “Cadillac” and “Escalade” the result is a mental picture of one of the world’s most luxurious utility vehicles ever created, probably parked out front of an avant garde restaurant in the heart of a downtown setting. Larson Cadillac has that Cadillac 2015 Escalade Soon Available near Fife and the next-generation Escalade marks the arrival of one of the most anticipated generations of Cadillac’s crown jewel.

mfg 2015 cadillac escalade

The newest generation Cadillac Escalade has been groomed over by the finest designers and artisans, 29 to be exact, and has been hand-crafted from the inside out. Handpicked American Walnut, Natural Elm, and Santos Palisander woods accent the interior providing a rich and luxurious feel that is unique to Cadillac. The seats and steering wheel are Shale leather and have been cut and sewn into place by hand. 11 total artists are responsible for the details of the interior that includes features like cooled front seats, standard power folding third-row seats, heated front and rear second row seats, and a standard navigation system.

The Cadillac 2015 Escalade Soon Available near Fife features technological systems such as a Cadillac information and media system that can recognize your natural voice for commands found on most tablets. There is a 16 speaker Bose centerpoint surround sound audio system, and an available Head-up display. Cadillac says the display is similar in function and inspired by those found in fighter jets. The full color interface is conveniently projected on the windshield with the desired information such as speed, tachometer, navigation and more. The 12.3″ LCD gauge display is customizable up to four different ways that allow for personalization and displays the traditional vehicle data.

Lead Creative Designer Marc Mainville says he, “Knew what was needed and wanted, and then raised the bar.” The result of a bar set higher than expectations is a a vehicle with craftsmanship found in fine furniture. The 2015 Cadillac Escalade comes with an available set of 22″ wheels, rear invisible wiper, power folding third-row seats that fold in mere seconds, and over the top function that includes center console storage and more storage space.

For more information on the 420-horsepower V8 Cadillac 2015 Escalade Soon Available near Fife contact Larson Cadillac at 6411 20th St E. Fife, WA 98424 or browse the web site.

16 May 2014

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