Make sure to stop by our showroom at 6411 20th St E. Fife, WA 98424 for information on 2015 Cadillac Leasing Soon Available in Tacoma. While you’re there check out the luxurious CTS lineup that is available for $299 per month for 36 months. The CTS is a wonderful two-door coupe or four-door sedan/wagon that is offered in base CTS, Sport Sedan, Sport Wagon, V Coupe, V Sedan, and V Wagon. Lease the CTS-V Coupe for $579 per month for 36 months and experience what the adrenaline-packing 556 hp supercharged 6.2L V8 can do. To start with, it can accelerate the car from zero to 60 mph in 4 seconds flat. Its supercharger incorporates a twin 4-lobe rotor design that enhances quietness while optimizing performance. Keeping all that power on the road in a comfortable manner is a Magnetic Ride Control system that reads the road up to 1,000 times per second, maintaining chassis poise without sacrificing a comfortable ride.

2015 Cadillac Available Soon in Tacoma

Other 2015 Cadillac Leasing Soon Available in Tacoma includes the ATS. The 2015 ATS introduces leasers to luxury and performance at just $299 per month. Powering the ATS comes in two options: a 2.0L turbocharged 272 hp, a 2.5L that offers over 30 mpg or the award-winning 3.6L V6 that boasts 321 hp. Other features of the ATS include an interactive interface, natural voice recognition, Bluetooth connectivity, access to apps, intuitive navigation, Bose Active Noise Cancellation, adaptive forward lighting, intelligent headlamps, adaptive cruise control, and much more. Maybe you want to lease a crossover. The SRX is available for $329 per month for 36 months and comes with the peace-of-mind only an all-wheel drive system can offer. The SRX has an electronic rear limited-slip differential that senses road conditions, anticipates traction loss and then transfers engine torque to the proper wheel preemptively. In short, Cadillac says, “It’s not just reactive—it’s virtually telepathic.” If you need something larger, there is the Cadillac Escalade. Come in for pricing and for more information on how the next-generation Escalade is the essence of luxury for you and seven passengers. The 2015 Escalade ESV has standard power folding third-row seats, cooled front seats, standard navigation, front and second row heated seats, a 16-speaker Bose Centerpoint surround sound audio system, a head-up display, a 4 way reconfigurable display, and much more. For additional information not covered here on all great 2015 Cadillac Leasing Soon Available in Tacoma come talk with the experts.

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11 Jul 2014

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