There are a great number of 2015 Cadillac Model Options Soon Available in Tacoma at Larson Cadillac. Choose from body styles like coupe, sedan, crossover, sports wagon, or SUV that offer unparalleled luxury. The Cadillac CTS is offered in Coupe, CTS-V Coupe, CTS Sport Wagon, and CTS-V Wagon. The base model, “Displays an impressive balance of performance and styling,” says Cadillac. The exterior has a dramatic body-side profile, integrated-door handles, sweeping roofline and chevron-shaped stop lamps that all give this Coupe a distinctive stand. Powering the base model is a powerful 3.6L direct-injected 318 hp V6 and an available precision-tuned all-wheel drive system.

Step up to the CT-V models and experience power at its most raw. Cadillac says, “The CTS-V Coupe is pure adrenaline on wheels.” Powering it is a 556 hp 6.2L supercharged V8 capable of hurling the Wagon and Coupe from zero to 60 mpg in 4 seconds. The CT-V lineup is more than just power though, as engineers and designers gave it the constant traction of a revolutionary dual-mode Magnetic Ride Control system which reads the road up to 1,000 times per second. The Nurburgring-tuned chassis was developed and tested at one of the world’s most demanding tracks and maintains poise without sacrificing comfort. 2015 Cadillac Model Options Soon Available in Tacoma also include the XTS sedan. It too is powered by a strong 3.6L 410 hp twin turbocharged direct-injected V6.

New to the XTS is Automatic Parking Assist, which one activated, will locate a suitable parallel parking spot and the help you park your car. Other tech features on this model include a Bluetooth connectivity system that responds to natural voice commands and can be paired with up to 10 Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. Also experience a 5-Star Safety design with comprehensive features like 10 airbags standard and strategically positioned crumple zones. If you are looking for a crossover, there is the SRX which offers a unique Ultraview Sunroof that spans both front and rear seats to give the SRX a spacious feel. Engineers didn’t stop there though, as they also designed the available Bose surround sound system to automatically adjust when the roof opens and closes. It works by using three microphones that continuously monitor the sound inside the cabin and then generates a cancellation signal to reduce unwanted low frequencies.

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7 Jul 2014

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