If you are in need of Scheduled Maintenance for Cadillac in Tacoma, Larson Cadillac has trained professionals who are experts at your model. These technicians are trained by Cadillac and understand the working components of your car better than anyone else around. Owning a Cadillac means bringing it in for maintenance when the time comes. Check your owner’s manual for more clarification or stop by 6411 20th St E. Fife, WA, 98424 and speak with a professional who understands your particular vehicle.

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Beginning around 5,000 miles is the average Scheduled Maintenance for Cadillac in Tacoma. This gives your Cadillac the time to properly break in. Depending on your model, we will replace the engine oil and more. What our technicians would be looking for at this mileage is that everything is working as intended. Around 15,000 miles we inspect the brakes, suspension components, driveshaft boots, tie rod ends, steering gear box, fluid levels and more. The technician will also lube all hinges, locks and hatches to better protect them from the corrosive elements. Around this time we will rotate the tires and inspect each tires for depth of tread and even wear. Based upon what the technician finds, they might suggest different driving habits or possible signs to look out for when driving daily. At 15,000 miles we also check/replace the engine air filter. This is done to ensure that clean air is being provided for your engine. An engine air filter that is clogged or dirty may be letting debris inside your engine that can cause damage over the years.

Scheduled Maintenance for Cadillac in Tacoma at 30,000 miles includes checking the parking brake and adjusting if necessary, inspecting all fluid levels and conditions, inspecting the brakes and lines for damage, visually inspecting the exhaust system, inspecting the fuel lines, and more. At this time we will again rotate the tires and perform an engine oil change. Other services at this time include replacing windshield wiper blades and inspecting all working lights. Around 60,000 miles we recommend replacing the fluid in your transmission and rear differential (if applicable). The fluid in your transmission plays the same role as your engine oil. Both live to lubricate moving parts and protect them from excessive friction. Around this time we also inspect/replace many of the belts on your engine that work various systems. For additional information on the services we provide for Scheduled Maintenance for Cadillac in Tacoma visit our Service Department.

18 Jul 2014

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