2015 Cadillac SRXBuy a Pre-Owned Cadillac Available near Puyallup, and you’ll be guaranteed to drive away satisfied. Larson Cadillac and Saab is your best choice to find your next used car due to, our massive inventory of high-quality vehicles, our courteous sales agents, and our great options for financing and certification. If you need a car as soon as possible, then getting in contact with Larson Cadillac and Saab is the best course of action.

Pre-Owned Cadillac SRX

The Cadillac SRX SUV is just one of the many vehicles you can find when you’re looking to buy a Pre-Owned Cadillac Available near Puyallup. The SRX is an ideal choice if you want a powerful engine and plenty of interior space to play with; an option of third-row seating allows you to choose between transporting more passengers or more cargo, and the sporty handling will make you feel like you’re driving something more than just an SUV. The Cadillac SRX has a platform more similar to a car, and has both an interior and an exterior that expresses luxury.

Pre-Owned Cadillac STS

The Cadillac STS (short for Seville Touring Sedan) is a classical option for a mid-sized luxury sedan, with rear-wheel drive and a Magnetic Ride Control Suspension, notorious for being one of the fastest-reacting suspensions and giving the STS a smooth ride that gives it full status as a luxury vehicle. Updates in 2008 ushered in the second generation of STS, and eventually gave way to the Cadillac XTS; both the STS and XTS are mid-sized sedans that provide the most luxury and improved driving dynamics.

Larson Cadillac and Saab are part of the Larson Auto Group, dedicated to providing customers with the most reliable options for buying a Pre-Owned Cadillac Available near Puyallup. Call our sales line at 888-755-7860 to schedule an appointment with one of our many licensed agents who can help you select the car that’s ideal for your needs. We are located at in Fife, WA so set up an appointment and visit our dealership to see the large selection of Pre-Owned Cadillac Available near Puyallup that you can find. If you still have some questions, fill out a contact form or live chat with our agents, who are ready to see to your needs around the clock. Larson Cadillac and Saab guarantees your next purchase will be the right one.

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5 Dec 2014

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