New-2015-Cadillac-CTS-V-VCoupe_ID80251227_oThere are many options if you want to purchase a Used Cadillac Available in Tacoma. Larson Automotive Group can get you great deals on used Cadillac’s from as early as 2014. Our inventory is full of high-quality pre-owned vehicles that you can trust in to serve you well.

Used Cadillac CTS available in Tacoma

The Cadillac CTS is a sedan that runs neck-and-neck with other big-name European competitors. With a bold, wide front grille and an overall angular, aerodynamic look, the CTS has almost become the quintessential Cadillac. It’s as elegant on the inside as it is on the outside with firm bucket seats and the same clean, sharp lines that you can see on the outside. The CTS has been a major seller for the last few years, and is a car that’s guaranteed to make a statement. It may be the Used Cadillac Available in Tacoma that matches your style.

Used Cadillac SRX available in Tacoma

Cadillac’s luxury crossover SUV is a strong player in the field many years running now, and is a good choice for a Used Cadillac Available in Tacoma. The SRX stands out with its impressive size and the powerful engines that Cadillac has been furnishing each lineup with.

Blending style, utility, comfort and handling, the Cadillac SRX is an automobile that just feels right when you get behind the wheel. Its spirited performance combined with Cadillac’s always-generous array of features is a match made in heaven; you can be sure that the Cadillac SRX is an excellent fit for you as a Used Cadillac Available in Tacoma.

Larson Automotive Group offers these and more Cadillac vehicles, all available for test-driving at our Cadillac dealership lot. Our flexible hours and our great methods of contact allow you to get in touch with us through phone at 888-755-7860, an online contact form, or even live chat. Larson Auto Group is a big-name provider of great certified used and one-owner cars in the Tacoma area. Simply drop us a line, and we’ll put you in touch with a Larson representative who will help you find the Cadillac that’s just right for you. Test drive one of our great used Cadillacs in Tacoma today!

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12 Dec 2014

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